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Skills Assessment

Spring Skill Assessments

Skill Assessments will be held at the fields located at 4141 Dam Neck Road (across from New Castle Elementary School) on February 27th and March 6th (rain or shine) per the schedule below. All players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

All league age 8 players must register in the Minors - Player Pitch division and attend the skill assessments (Try-Outs). League age 8 players that do not yet meet skill expectations will be moved to the Coach Pitch division.

All baseball players, league age 9 to 16 and softball players league age 9-16 are required to attend the skill assessments. Attendance at both tryouts is strongly recommended, but all candidates must attend at least one of the scheduled tryout sessions.  Failure to attend may result in forfeiting eligibility to play in the Intermediate/Major Division.  Any child who fails to make tryouts will be subject to a blind draft. 

 9-12 League Ages10:00am-10:45am 
 13-16 League Ages 10:45am-11:30am

 8-10 League Ages 11:30am-12:30pm
 11-13 League Ages 12:30pm-2:00pm
 14-16 League Ages 2:00pm-3:00pm


We suggest that each player brings their own gear consisting of a Little League approved player helmet, USA bat, non-metal cleats and glove. Helmets and bats will be provided if the player does not bring their own.


Report to the registration table before your child’s scheduled assessment time. Your child will be provided a number that will need to be safety pinned to the back of his or her shirt.  


Player will first receive five front toss pitches to hit. Players should swing at every pitch. Only five pitches will be provided. Players must wear a helmet while hitting.

After fifth pitch, the player drops the bat and runs from home to second base. Player will receive three ground balls to field and throw to first base from the shortstop position

Player then moves to center field, fields two fly balls and places them in a bucket. No throw.

Player’s assessment is complete.

Managers, returning rostered coaches and Prospective returning coaches approved by the board will be the only ones on the field to observe tryouts. Minor managers will be selected and will draft their teams.

(Prospective Returning Coaches are coaches with a returning player on a Major or above team that WILL BE nominated by the Manager as an officially rostered coach and is on the list of Prospective Coaches with a completed background check.  He must be placed on the team roster for that season if he/she is approved by the board.)

Only Approved Minor Managers will observe tryouts and will draft their teams. In the event their child is drafted to a Major or above team, they will be given the option to resign as Manager and, first option: another Manager will be selected from the drafted team; or second option:  another Manager will be selected from another team with the option to trade players. 

An approved Minor Manager that resigns prior to the completion of the draft will not be permitted to be a Manager or Coach for that season at any other level without the approval of the BOD. 

Special tryout sessions may be scheduled for school ball players that cannot attend the scheduled tryouts due to school obligations by the Player Agent with approval of the Vice President of Baseball or Softball.

Evaluations or tryouts for players to “play up” is not a guarantee of that player being placed in the next division.  Those determined to meet the minimum skill levels to safely move up will do so on a space available basis.

Any major baseball or softball eligible player player who missed his or her first assessment or attended his or her first assessment but would like to do the assessment again, for any reason, may attend a second assessment.

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