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20% is 20%! Save it all day August 26th & 27th at Dicks Lynnhaven Mall location. Dick’s has been a great sponsor of ours. Please support them.

You can also save all year long by clicking the link below.

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Fall Ball Registration

Posted by Green Run Little League at Jul 11, 2017 12:15PM PDT

The following are registration dates are for the 2017 Fall Ball Registration. Please remember Fall Ball is designed as an instructional season. Any credits earned through Bingo, Concession or Field Maintenance are for the Spring 2018 season only.

August 5th & 12th 10am-12pm
August 17th 6p-8p

Cost $50

The form is located in the handout section of the website. All registrations will be held at the GRLL clubhouse on Dahlia Dr.

The document 2017_FALL_BALL_REGISTRATION_FORM11.pdf was attached to this post.

Closing Day

Posted by Green Run Little League at Jun 7, 2017 8:05AM PDT

Closing Day is upon us. A ton of fun is planned. Once the tournament games are over and the awards are handed out, Free Hot Dogs, Drinks, Hitting contests, Around the horn contests, speed drills, home run Derby etc. Parents Bring your $10 if you want to participate in the hitting contests. T-Ball starts at 9, the rest follow.

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Urgent Help needed!

Posted by Green Run Little League at May 1, 2017 8:35AM PDT


We are hopeful the season is going well with all of the teams, and that everyone is having fun! Thanks to everyone for keeping the grounds around the fields on both complexes clean and with helping in the concession stand and Bingo.

We come to you again for urgent assistance. As most of you know, the PA Field Complex is a partnership with the Cal Ripken Jr. Foundation. Next Tuesday they will be performing their 3 year inspection of the complex. Saturday May 6th is an important day. We need to call on you our members, Managers and Coaches from 8:30-1 to assist with getting the complex back to standard.

How can you help?

Please bring weed eaters, wheelbarrows rakes and blowers.

We have weed eat all of the bushes on the right side or the complex, around the outside of both fields, around the retention ponds and ditches, along the walkways and the inside of the new senior field. Here’s the best part. It all does not have to be completed in one day. If you have a player practicing this week, bring a weed eater and blower and knock part of it out.. Any effort will be a tremendous help, as we are having a load of mulch and gravel delivered Thursday to be placed around the bushes.

Like you the Board of Directors take pride in both complexes. We cannot do it alone. If the work is to be completed in one day we need up to 20 volunteers. Please, Please ,Please come help with this great effort.

If you should have any questions, please email Steve at

Thank you

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And the winners are!

Posted by Green Run Little League at Apr 24, 2017 12:00PM PDT
  1. Robin Cooper $20 Dicks GC
  2. Tesa Mullins $20 Dicks GC
  3. Anthony Moore $20 Dicks GC
    #55892 Tanner Barnes $20 Dicks GC
  4. Kathy Mendoza $20 Dicks GC
  5. Andrea Robinson $20 Dicks GC
  6. Watts $20 Dicks GC
  7. Melissa $20 Dicks GC
    #55931 Julia Lawhone $20 Dicks GC
  8. Hayden Funk $20 Dicks GC
  9. Tiffany Forte $20 Dicks GC
    #56062 Derek Topf $20 Dicks GC
  10. Thomas Lemaster $20 Dicks GC
  11. Joel Mason $20 Dicks GC
  12. Samantha Gardner $20 Dicks GC
  13. Joshua Marine $20 Dicks GC
  14. Shackle Ford $20 Dicks GC
    #51108 Thomas Warren $20 Dicks GC
  15. Doug Gates $20 Dicks GC
  16. Mat Rariden $20 Dicks GC
  17. Melissa Fuller $25 Dicks GC
  18. Tara Lincoln $25 Dicks GC
  19. Levi Eichelberger $25 Dicks GC
  20. Shick $25 Dicks GC
  21. Dan Brown $25 Dicks GC
  22. Christine Alfred $25 Dicks GC
  23. Kristi Bunker $25 Dicks GC
  24. Giles $25 Dicks GC
  25. Quesha Perry $50 Dicks GC
  26. Angela Wall $50 Dicks GC
  27. Josh Parker $50 Dicks GC

All prizes can be picked up at the General Membership meeting Wednesday the 26th 7:30 pm at the GRLL fields clubhouse.