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    Green Run Cares!

    As most of you know, Friday’s Tornado hit smack dab in the middle of our boundary area. Some of our players... read more 
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    Our Newest Sponsor

    Check out what the SportClips at Landstown Commons is offering. For Gre... read more 
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    Equipment Sale

    Parents, Please remember to bring your raffle tickets to the concession stand this week. Please have them f... read more 
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    Volunteerism, It’s important!
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    Managers and Coaches,
    If yo... read more 
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    Congrats To Junior All Star...

    A Big GRLL Congrats goes out to Junior All Star Coach George Melnyk for taking 2nd place in the Local Danci... read more 
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    It's official!

    Final score was 0-7! VIRGINIA read more 
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    2 Games away

    Green Run Little League Family, Your 20... read more 
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    Welcome Back

    Welcome back to the Green Run Little League Junior All Stars 2016 State Champions!!
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    The disrespecting of $1,250...

    Managers, Coaches and Parents, For the... read more 
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    Please take 5m out of your ...

    I have spoken to several members who have stepped up and volunteered in the last few weeks and am shocked b... read more 
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    Urgent and Important inform...

    Parents, As the ... read more 
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    Raffle and Contest Winners ...

    And the raffle and Contest Winners Are: Raffle Ticket Winners $50 D... read more 
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    Thanks to our newest sponsor

    A great big Green Run/Princess Anne Little League thank you goes out to Cavalier Ford for their sponsorship... read more 
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    Aerial photo of the fields

    Vice President Brad Heater’s son took this photo of the fields.

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And the winners are!

by Green Run Little League, 2017-04-24T12:00:09-07:00April 24 2017, at 12:00 PM PDT

  1. Robin Cooper $20 Dicks GC
  2. Tesa Mullins $20 Dicks GC
  3. Anthony Moore $20 Dicks GC
    #55892 Tanner Barnes $20 Dicks GC
  4. Kathy Mendoza $20 Dicks GC
  5. Andrea Robinson $20 Dicks GC
  6. Watts $20 Dicks GC
  7. Melissa $20 Dicks GC
    #55931 Julia Lawhone $20 Dicks GC
  8. Hayden Funk $20 Dicks GC
  9. Tiffany Forte $20 Dicks GC
    #56062 Derek Topf $20 Dicks GC
  10. Thomas Lemaster $20 Dicks GC
  11. Joel Mason $20 Dicks GC
  12. Samantha Gardner $20 Dicks GC
  13. Joshua Marine $20 Dicks GC
  14. Shackle Ford $20 Dicks GC
    #51108 Thomas Warren $20 Dicks GC
  15. Doug Gates $20 Dicks GC
  16. Mat Rariden $20 Dicks GC
  17. Melissa Fuller $25 Dicks GC
  18. Tara Lincoln $25 Dicks GC
  19. Levi Eichelberger $25 Dicks GC
  20. Shick $25 Dicks GC
  21. Dan Brown $25 Dicks GC
  22. Christine Alfred $25 Dicks GC
  23. Kristi Bunker $25 Dicks GC
  24. Giles $25 Dicks GC
  25. Quesha Perry $50 Dicks GC
  26. Angela Wall $50 Dicks GC
  27. Josh Parker $50 Dicks GC

All prizes can be picked up at the General Membership meeting Wednesday the 26th 7:30 pm at the GRLL fields clubhouse.

Past Announcements

Games Cancelled

2017-04-24 11:40 PDT by Green Run Little League

Rain cancellation today. All games at the Green Run fields are cancelled. PA games will be decided later today

General Membership Meeting

2017-04-24 05:18 PDT by Green Run Little League

General Membership meeting Wednesday April 27th 7:30pm at the GRLL field clubhouse.
Congratulations! The winning numbers are in! The two $500 prizes go to #55897 & #52288. Other winners of the Dick’s Sporting goods gift certificates will be posted later t... [more]

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Message Board

2017-04-20T12:08:31-07:00April 20 2017, at 12:08 PM PDT, Spencer Brown said:

Felicia will have Photo Forms to hand out at the game tonight to better prepare us for picture day.
****April 22, 2017 @8:15am (7:50am Arrival) at PALL***

2017-04-20T11:59:59-07:00April 20 2017, at 11:59 AM PDT, Spencer Brown said:

Don't forget we have a game tonight at GRLL field (Same as last time) at 6:00pm. Please arrive by 5:45 for warm ups, and for us to be able to get them ready to start promptly at 6:00pm.
For those who Volunteered for Concessions Please meet Felicia near the Dug out for instructions.



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